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SelectCrete, inc. is making available for purchase the industry's first and only modular design, fully-automated process that produces the same type high-quality, cement backer board that has served the market place for over 40 years.

The company, founded by the industry's leading veteran Robert G. Miller, was formed solely for the ongoing advancement and development of the cement backer board industry to improve the process by which cement backer board is created and to meet the industry's ever-growing production needs.

SelectCrete's offering, in a market where Miller's existing process design represents 40 percent of the technology currently in use by other manufacturers, introduces a new modular design along with the continuous flow mixing system that also removes the cost barrier to entry of manufacturing without sacrificing production or quality. This modular design with continuous flow mixing system is not the only cost savings realized, when the operation is fully expanded (15 million sq ft per shift per year) only utilizes 18,000 square feet of manufacturing space with a clear ceiling height of 20'- 0" and two acres of land.

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