Cement Bakerboard

SelectCrete Brand Cement-Backerboard®
A more reliable, stronger and affordable alternative to the current top-brands.

Our product meets or exceeds all ANSI and ASTM requirements, and is more advanced if not comparable in every category to the industry leading brands.
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Additionally our product has been quality tested & certified by the Smith-Emery Company.
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We sell our product in both US Standard and International Metric thickness.
Our standard sizes are listed below.

US Standard Sizes
1/4" Thickness 1/2" Thickness
36" x 60" or 96" 36" x 60" or 96"
48" x 60" or 96" 48" x 60" or 96"
2lb/sq ft 3lb/sq ft
Metric Sizes
11.8 mm x 914mm x 1632mm
11.8mm x 914mm x 1818mm

We are also capable of producing custom thicknesses.
Contact us with your size requirements.

Features & Benefits

Tile bond:
Meets or exceeds tile industry standards for tile shear.

Mold resistant:
Meets or exceeds tile industry standards for resistance to bacteria and fungus growth.

Water durable:
Will not rot, warp, delaminate, or disintegrate when exposed to water.

Freeze/thaw resistant:
Meets or exceeds tile industry standards for freeze/thaw resistance.

Score and snap:
Speeds up installation for increased productivity.

Dual surface texture:
Use mastics on smooth side for bonding material economy, and thin set mortars on the rough side for improved resistance to tile slip during installation.

Interior and exterior applications:

One product for all high moisture applications.

Panel is fire safe and is used in fire resistant designs.