About Us

SelectCrete is a worldwide producer of high-quality cement backerboard, and cement backerboard manufacturing equipment.

Our company was founded by Robert G. Miller, a pioneer of the cement backerboard industry, and a leadership team with over 40 years of experience in development, manufacturing, and distribution of cement board and cement board related equipment.
Over this time period our management team at SelectCrete is responsible for the following advancements in the cement backerboard industry:
  • Engineered and implemented 9 processes adopted by other top leading brands that currently produce over 200 million square feet of cement board per year.
  • Designed and implemented numerous uses and needs for cement backerboard.
  • Developed methods for testing product quality and product installation procedures ensuring the highest levels of reliability and ease of use.
  • Helped implement ANSI and ASTM standards in the cement backerboard industry.
Our commitment to quality, innovation, integrity, and overall customer satisfaction has rapidly confirmed our worldwide presence as top name in the cement backerboard industry.

SelectCrete is headquartered in Bakersfield California, USA.
For more information contact us by phone: +1 (661) 323-5724, or email us through our contact form